Age Groups

This level description is only a guideline to follow for age. All dancers will be placed in the appropriate classes by Ms Lisa. The first 2 weeks of our
classes are “evaluation” weeks so that we can ensure proper placement for all students. We teach our students the proper technique in each class and our goal is for each dancer to develop, learn, and have fun. If a dancer is ready to be promoted to a higher leveled class, you will be notified by Ms. Lisa.

Level Dance Style Age Range
Tiny Combo Class Ages 3-5
Mini Beginner Ballet Ages 5-7
Mini Hip-Hop Ages 5-7
Mini Acro/Jazz Ages 3-6
Level 1 All Ages 8-12 (Beginner Dancers)
Level 2 All Ages 8-12 (Beginner Dancers with 1-2 Years Experience)
Level 2A All Ages 10-15 (Intermediate Dancers with 3 Years Experience)
Level 3 All Ages 12 & Up (Advanced Dancers with over 5 Years Experience)
Jazz Dancer
Level Age Range
Tiny Ages 3-5
Mini Ages 5-7
Level 1 Ages 7-10
Level 2 Ages 11 & up
Level 3 Ages 13 & up
Company Competition Students


  • A brand new studio with a teacher that loves her dancers! Lisa has a passion for dance that is infectious to her students!

    Amy Wright Hutto
  • Southern Elite Dance Academy is a phenomenal dance studio located in Summerville, South Carolina, and it is where my daughter has returned to the stage with improved technique, unmatched confidence, and most importantly with her heart once again. I invite you to visit the SEDA website and see for yourself through testimonials and the studio owner’s personal voice why Southern Elite Dance Academy is not just a dance school but a place where many are now calling “home”.

    Karen Retirement
  • Wonderful studio with a teacher who has such sincere passion for each and every dancer to be their best!

    Sandra Taylor

SEDA After School Program

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